Max & Jo Perodin

Shop Owners

Max came to Kingston from Montreal many years ago and has since made himself at home alongside his wife, Jo and two children. Inktegrity is this man’s passion and he can be found there almost all the time, helping out clientele with a smile, doing laser tattoo removal, barbering a clean fade or doing some piercings.

Jo is a diverse self taught artist with a background in street art and experimental art. She loves mixing realism and traditional, surreal, abstract and geometry tattoos as well as many other styles that push the boundaries of the tattooing norm. Outside of work she can be found mothering two human children and two boxers, or hitting the gym. Her love for tattooing comes from an interest in connecting with people and helping translate an idea onto skin, as well as a passion for creating beautiful things, that invoke thought.

Celeste Fournier

Tattoo Artist

Celeste is a wonderfully unique young artist who’s attention to detail and mesmerizing designs will soon be translated into skin. She loves to paint and draw, and is especially drawn to American Traditional, and Japanese Traditional tattooing. We can’t wait to see what she pulls out of her sleeve!

Chelsea Vachon

Tattoo Artist

Chelsea recently graduated from the drawing and painting program at OCADU in Toronto. She is excited to transfer her unique talent and learned skills into Tattooing at Ink-Tegrity. Her designs are inspired by nature, dotwork, blackwork, and geometric elements.

Erin Macdonald

Body Piercer and Shop Manager